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Our Aim

The objectives of Dianella Morley Football Club are set out in our constitution.

1. To participate in competitive games of Australian Rules Football as conducted by the Perth Football League.

2. To encourage the Australian national game of football.

3. To foster the spirit of sportsmanship.

4. To promote social welfare and harmony among members of the club.

5. To acquire, provide and maintain premises and facilities for the use of the club and its members.


Where We Play 


The Raiders are fortunate to play in the beautiful bushland setting of Dianella Open Space, off Light Street in Dianella. 

We have excellent facilities including new change rooms, a licensed bar and a kitchen selling home cooked favourites.

Our floodlit playing surface is one of the best in the league and in 2014 the club hosted the State women's team finals.

The reserve is popular with families and dog walkers and is also host to other sports including cricket, lacrosse, tennis and teeball. Despite this, there is usually plenty of parking.

Our clubhouse becomes the hub of the club on Saturdays, particularly when we play at home. Drop in for a drink or a bite to eat and watch some footy.

Getting here by car: Access to the reserve is off Light Street. Turn east off Alexander Drive then right at the roundabout on Light Street. Or turn west off Morley Drive and turn left when you reach the roundabout.

Getting here by bus: Buses 886, 887, 888, 889 and 722 go right past our ground on Alexander Drive. Most of these are express buses which get you to Wellington Street bus station quickly and easily, and they leave about every 15 minutes. The stop to use is No. 12841 'Alexander Drive after Light Street' when going northbound and stop No. 12797 'Alexander Drive before Light Street' when heading towards the city.

You can also use the less frequent 17 and 20 buses which go along Light Street and stop outside the reserve. For those buses, use stop No. 16227 'Light Street before Alexander Drive' or the opposite stop No. 16221 'Light Street after Alexander Drive'.

Raider's Club Song


The Grand Old Flag

Thirds sing the song for Matt Street's 250th

It's a grand old flag, it's a high-flying flag
It's the emblem for me and for you
It's the emblem of the team we love
The team of the red and the blue!

Every heart beats true for the red and the blue
And we sing this song to you
Should old acquaintance be forgot
Keep your eye on the red and the blue!

Hear the song on YouTube




The club is proud to acknowledge players, members and supporters who have served the Raiders and our predecessors the Panthers and the Bulldogs. Click the menus to the left and check out the guys and gals who have done this club proud.

The Honour Board section is a work in progress. We would love to hear your memories of the club. If you have any old Raiders, Panthers or Bulldogs facts or artifacts, please let us know by emailing Similarly, if there are any errors or omissions, contact us with the details and we will get things fixed just as soon as we can.

Dianella AFC

Morley AFC

Dianella Morley AFC

1978 Ken Greedy

1980 Brian Richards

1984 Mark Herron

1986 Keith Jones

1987 Ron Morris


1988 S Pascoe

1972 Ken McCarthy

1973 Gary McKenna

1974 Doug Wilson


1974 Doug Wilson 


1976 P Richardson

1977 Garry Hall

1979 H Wilkinson

1981 Doug Shaw


1983 L Booker

1984 Marty Burgess
1985 Greg Cheeseman
1986 Albie Bond
1986 Sandra Bond


1988 M Cheeseman


1988 G Hart


1989 S Forrmica

1990 Peter Bond
Matt Allen
Aaron Barwick
Brett Carson
Darren Criddle
Wayne Dowsett
Graham Fitzgerald
Peter Hawks
Ross Henson
J Kessell
C Mableson
Brett Moocher
Brad O'Callaghan
Darcy Ruddell
Murray Stace
 Matt Street
Phil Thompson
Brad Williams

Steve Bargiev

Daniel Britten

Carolyn Cheeseman

Mattio Dinardo

Mark Faccioni

Jezza Grant

Steve Hayward

Ian Johnson

Mark Kessell

Neil McCormick

L "Spudda" Murphy

Kelvin Reynolds

Mark Selfe

 Mark Stewart


P Taddei

Rob Townson
Travis Wait


Year1st Grade2nd Grade3rd Grade
1991R NicholaidisR RobertsN McCormick
1992T HoltzmanM BoltonG Jackson
1993E BencicK ReynoldsR Zwart
1994M SteeleR HensonJ Colbung
1995J CoxK ReynoldsJ Colbung 
1996J StrawR Morrosini L Murphy
1997J Cox  B CorbettP Cheeseman
1998A FallowsM FaccioniJ Colbung
1999J MallandD NinyetteS Hyde
2000A FallowsM MasonK Reynolds
2001S FlaniganR FinlayD Robertson
2002D LinbergK ReynoldsC Rosario
2003A HumbleT Waitno team
2004S HillJ Kellyno team 
2005T KingmaB Williamsno team
2006S RansomN Wellsno team
2007Matt Allen Kiel ReidAaron Fullgrabe
2008Adam FindlaySteve HaywardAaron Fullgrabe
2009Phil GarlettDarcy RuddellJohnny Gellately
2010Corry ZoccoliPaul ChinottoAdam Moore 
2011Phil GarlettJames AllenMatthew Stribley
2012Phil GarlettLuke SerafinoMatthew Stribley
2013Johnathan StandishBradley CouchAdam Peterson
2014Jonny GellatlyCory CruttendenNo team


Year4th GradeColts
1991D GraybrookB Prowse
1992S WardD Britten
1993P RonanB Voak
1994C GrayR Lim
1995M PrioloD Bell
1996N CostaP Szijzrto
1997R StoutP Di Nardo
1998L MurphyP Cameron
1999P BondT Matthews
2000no teamBrad Williams
2001 R Harris
2002 B Szewczuk
2003 Mike Allen
2004 Billy Bant
2005 Luke Toomey
2006 Ryan Lange
2007 Peter Dymnicki
2008-2012 no team
2013 records incomplete
2014 No team


2014 -  Jonny Gellatly  2013 - Johnathan Standish
2012 - Luke Serafino2011 - Phil Garlett
2010 - Adam Moore
2009 - Phil Garlett
2008 - J Jessen
2007 - Peter Dymnicki
2006 - N Wells
2005 - Luke Toomey
2004 - Billy Bant
2003 - Mike Allen
2002 - B Szewczuk
2001 - R Harris
2000 - Adam Fallows
1999 - D Ninyette
1998 - A Fallows
1997 - J Cox
1996 - N Costa
1995 - J Colbung
1994 - M Steele
1993 - E Bencic
1992 - T Holtzman
1991 - R Nicholaidis 

RECORD GAME HOLDER L "Spudda" Murphy 376 games



  • P Bond
  • L "Spudda" Murphy
  • M Kessell
  • M Faccioni
  • B O'Callaghan


  • N McCormick
  • K Reynolds
  • J Grant
  • R Henson
  • M Allen 


2008 D Reserve
Dianella Morley 60
def Brentwood Booragoon 53

wafl-cup2000 B Reserve
Dianella Morley 10.9
def Whitford 9.9

wafl-cup1994 H Grade
Dianella Morley 14.17
def High Wycombe 10.7


If you have a photo of this team,

we would love to see it.
Please email


2008 D Reserve - Steve Hayward

1998 E Grade - Jason Colbung

2007 D Grade - Tomme Cook 


1998 B Colts - Paul Di Nardo

2006 D Grade - Steve Hayward


1997 B Reserve - Brett Corbett


2002 C Reserve - Kelvin Reynolds

  • 1989 B Colts - R Nicholaidis (Dianella)
  • 1987 C Colts - T Kluwen (Morley)
  • 1986 B Colts - S Ashby (Dianella)
  • 1985 B Grade - B McGuire (Morley)
  • 1984 C Grade - Wayne Brown (Dianella)
  • 1983 K Grade - K Glass (Dianella)
  • 1981 B Grade - L Collier (Morley)
  • 1978 C Grade - L Italiano (Morley)
  • 1978 C Colts - T Lancaster (Morley)
  • 1977 Sunday League - L Italiano (Morley)
  • 1977 C Colts - T Lancaster (Morley)


1991 J Grade
Cockburn 14.16 def Dianella Morley 9.7
1995 G Grade
Warnbro Swans 9.17 def Dianella Morley 8.9
1998 E Reserve
Mt Lawley 17.7 def Dianella Morley 6.5
2002 C Reserve
Bassendean 10.6 def Dianella Morley 0.5
2007 D Reserve
Brentwood Booragoon 79 def Dianella Morley 53

2009 D Gold Reserve
Manning Rippers 13.12 def Dianella Morley 8.5

2010 D Reserve
Belmont Districts 10.7 def Dianella Morley 4.12

2011 C3 Reserve
Swan Valley 8.6 def Dianella Morley 6.11

2008 D Reserve - Undefeated Team

2011 Paul Barry - Represented Great Britain at AFL International Cup

Past Presidents


YearPresidentBest ClubpersonSecretary
1991R Morris / A BondJ KessellS Bond / A Smith
1992I JohnsonM CheesemanS Bond
1993I JohnsonJ BuckleyS Bond
1994I JohnsonG Black / S MillerG Fitzgerald
1995I JohnsonK DawsonD Criddle
1996I JohnsonD BrittenD Criddle
1997G FitzgeraldM KessellM Street
1998D BrittenC CheesemanC Cheeseman
1999D BrittenC MerrettC Cheeseman
2000D BrittenJ & K MaldenisC Cheeseman
2001I JohnsonM StaceC Cheeseman
2002D BrittenM DinardoC Cheeseman
2003D BrittenD LakeC Cheeseman
2004D BrittenM StreetC Cheeseman
2005L MurphyP RhodesS Hayward
2006L MurphyM StewartS Hayward
2007L MurphyC ChaddS Hayward
2008C ChaddJez GrantS Hayward
2009C ChaddM ChaddO Chadd
2010C ChaddM StreetO Chadd
2011C ChaddM StaceG Chadd
2012C ChaddD AllmanG Chadd
2013C ChaddP BarryG Chadd
2014C ChaddD GalosS Galos